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6 E-Z Steps to buying a home in San Diego

When you first decide to buy a property, whether to live in or as an investment writing down your goals is one of the 1st steps.  Just as with any goal, small steps get you there and that certainly holds true when shopping for property.  Here is a proven track to get you started:

1 . Get ready 

Before you rev up the car or even go on line find out your buying power.  Don’t rely on online “prequalification” sites as they don’t look at all the programs that may be available to you.  Check with a local lender and/or Realtor for the best rates and terms.  Are you a Veteran?  VA has a special programs that can get you in a home – you served – you deserve it.

2.  Go shopping

Decide the location where you want to live or invest.  The reason location is important – you can   always change anything about a house but you can’t pick it up and move it!  Check out school districts, even if you don’t have children a good school district helps protect value.  Decide on what is important and what isn’t.  You may not get it all but without a list you can get off track easy.

3.  Make an Offer

This can be the tricky part especially if there are other buyers or investors.  A professional Realtor can help with this process.  There will be many things to consider and they can help you navigate all the details.

4.  Get an inspection

Even if the property looks like Mr. and Mrs. Clean live there it might have hidden elements that may be in an issue.  While inspectors are generally not licensed, a qualified home inspector will have taken classes and belong to a professional organization.

 5.  Complete the escrow process

During this time there will be many disclosures, reports and documents to review and sign.  Some will even be time sensitive. Your Realtor will help explain and follow up with all reports and inspections and make sure the contract as you initiated is followed.

6.  Open the door

This is the best part…walking up and opening your front door!!  The best part for me, your Realtor is handing you that key.  Call me…I will make the process smooth.

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